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About Us

Who We Are and Where We Come From?

TopWise.com.au is the brainchild of Paul Hawkins, an HVAC&R technician, CAD drafter and tech savvy individual who saw the need for a set of tools for improving the daily workflow of HVAC&R managers and technicians. To put together this complete package, Paul has drawn on the knowledge he has acquired from working with some great companies, as well as some of the best technicians and minds in all facets of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. By implementing best-practice standards, this app helps streamline all facets of job creation, tool, and refrigerant tracking, invoicing and compliance paperwork.

We have developed disruptive technology which will make job creation, keeping track of tools, invoicing and compliance paperwork a breeze, streamlining your business and implementing best practice standards. We have engaged a team of local and international professionals to develop this cutting edge software which can handle all your asset tracking and book work needs – allowing you to spend more time simply getting the job done.

TopWise.com.au is both a workforce and workflow management application allowing companies of any size to automate their daily job routine. The system gives technicians efficient remote access to information, improving communication and management of those in the field. TopWise.com.au takes full advantage of smart devices and cloud computing, making Software as a Service (SaaS) far more affordable than ever before. We have endeavoured to make this service affordable to every company, opening up greater opportunity and competition for small and large HVAC&R companies.

The interconnected smartphone and cloud computing system allow businesses to have scalable infrastructure without the overheads of hardware, service, and maintenance. The TopWise.com.au software has been designed by people with an intimate knowledge of your industry and an understanding of asset registers, equipment testing, licensing and compliance issues. The system is designed specifically for companies who deal with in-field servicing with an active workforce spread across different locations such as HVAC&R, white goods, food equipment, pool, pump, solar, vending machine and any other service/maintenance companies. It automates end to end processing of a job, handling it right from the request until sign-off, followed by payments from the client.

With this system in hand, companies will be in a better position to coordinate their workforce and track job completion properly. Focusing on the HVAC&R industry our system is the only choice when it comes the managing your service team. It includes an industry-specific asset register, refrigerant tracking and auditing, company/technician tool register and much more.

We also boast a field service management system second to none.

Company Values:
Here at TopWise.com.au, our company values are focused on making business processes more streamlined, efficient, cost effective and simple without a decreasing customer service. We value our spare time and yours.

We want to make your work time as productive as possible so you can enjoy your spare time, instead of worrying about invoicing that job or quoting this job when you get home from work, or waiting for reports to come back to the office from your field crew.

Our Mission:

To continually work to improve processes within our organisation to provide the most efficient management system available.
To upgrade software functionality by listening to our customer's feedback.
To help create work/life balance for those in the industry, from the boss to the apprentice.
Endeavour to use environmentally sustainable practices within our organisation and to promote environmentally sustainable practices, materials and processes throughout all service based industries.