AT $99/Hr YOU COULD SAVE BETWEEN $10,000 to $30,000/Year
Let's think about how many hours your fleet is missing out on. 

A small company with just five service technicians could be missing out on a small fortune every year. You can put a dollar value on the figures.

Here’s why.
There is two way most trades companies run.
1) Technicians come to the office on Monday mornings and dump an average of 10-25 service sheets each on the poor service managers desk.

2) Technicians start every day at the office, handing in paperwork from the previous day and grabbing their jobs for that day.

Let’s take a look at a scenario number one with a company of five service technicians on the road. The technician Dump and Run. Most techs fill time sheets, wait around chatting for 20 minutes, grab their job sheets and leave. In total spending 1.5hrs at the office.

That’s 5 x 1.5 hr = 7.5hr

Times that by 48 weeks in the year and you have 360hr a year of billable hours missed.

Say each technician completes between two to five jobs per day in a five day week. That means there are 50-125 service reports to process, send quotes and invoice. Let's say it takes your office staff 20 minutes to process each paper docket.

Remember there are 50-125 service sheets a week to process, that works out to 16.5 - 41.5 hours a week in admin.

Looking at Scenario two with five service technicians no the road. Say each tech take (30mins x 5techs x 5days) / 60 = 12.5hr x 48 wks/yr = 600hrs

These figures are quite conservative and do not take into account petrol, wear on vehicles, service docket printing costs, picking up parts, ARC Authorisation (ARCTick) requirements, etc.

Most companies have smart phones issued to technicians, so why not utilise them.

That's your kids' university funds in one year or a new boat. The extension to your house. The trip overseas. A pay increase for your valuable employees.

TopWise is the only way to manage your workforce. A system built by people who have worked in both scenarios, on both sides of the table. is the only choice.