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Technician Location Map provides a simple yet effective location tracker. This feature is great for fast deployment of Field Service Techs for critical service call outs. Locate and send the closest tech for faster response time, elevating customer satisfaction, reducing fuel cost and time spent on the road. Signals are sent every 3mins to the company / managers portal when the technician is logged into

Track Licence Expiration

Every user of has a profile page to build. Company profile keeps track of relevant licensing and insurance details. Manager / Technician profile keeps track of home addresses, personal emails, phone numbers, emergency contacts, company vehicle registration / service dates and licences expiry dates. Viewed from the company / manager dashboard you can keep track of expiry dates one month before, the current month and expired licences. So your company will always comply.


Supplier / Customer Contacts

Technicians will never be caught without important contact information. Share Supplier and Customer Contacts across your fleet. If an order is placed for a warranty job, the email generated will reference the warranty email recorded in the suppliers contact list. If an order is placed for other job types then the email is sent to the parts email registered in the system. Speeding up the order process will save time, if multiple orders need placing.

Cloud Toolbox takes full advantage of the Smartphone capabilities, while also making full use of other technologies such as cloud computing. While automating in-office paperwork, the system also gives technicians full remote access to needed information, as well as allowing communication and management of the technicians while they are out in the field. TopWise is created to be affordable to every company, new or established, large or small, allowing them to effectively compete for customers' HVAC&R business by using a scalable infrastructure without the overhead and expense of hardware, service, and maintenance.



WPHS Reports provides a simple tick and flick WHS report and the option for technicians to perform Site Specific SWMS. The Report must be filled out before the technician can send the Job Card for review. You have the option to sending the reoprt to the customer with the invoice/reoprt or simply keep it for records.

Record Keeping

All your records are safe with us, but if you would like to keep a backup record of your data, we have that covered. Download a bump file of records from the server. This can be done at anytime for your convenience. 



QuickBooks Integration

TopWise has integrated with QuickBooks. Once you have linked your account customer contacts are automatically transferred across from TopWise to QuickBooks. This allows your company to upload invoices to your QuickBooks Online account. Check out the great deals QuickBooks have going by clicking the following link.