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About TopWise

With a long professional career as a HVAC&R technician, IT professional and CAD drafter, TopWise Founder Paul Hawkins learned the hard way how difficult trade business can be without all of the right systems in place.

As businesses scale-up, they run the risk of losing sight of the detail required for streamlining their business processes.

Enter Paul’s business idea for TopWise. He realised that what all HVAC technicians and trade businesses needed was centralised management, systemisation of processes and automation.

He collaborated with experienced software developers and the brightest minds in the HVAC, electrical and plumbing industries to create a comprehensive job management software package.

TopWise is designed to make running a trade business easy and manageable. With complete visibility of vital business processes.

By implementing best practice standards and industry-specific tools, TopWise has developed into an all-in-one affordable software system for maximising profit and minimising time and money spent on tasks like job creation, quoting, billing, compliance and job tracking.

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