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1. Simply click on the Sign Up button on the home page.
2. Enter your company details, confirm your email and follow the instructions on the website or contact us for assistance.
3. If you are a technician or manager, your company will enrol you in TopWise. You should receive an email invitation to use the software. Confirm your email and then create a user account and password. You will then be able to download the application from the Apple Store or Google Play and login.

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TopWise excels when tax time arrives. It’s possible to connect TopWise to QuickBooks and to send invoices to QuickBooks in a few easy steps. While you are logged into your TopWise account, navigate to the Settings tab.

1. Open a Job Card that is ready to be invoiced.
2. Close the job using the “Close the Job” button located under the signature boxes in the Overview tab of the Job Card.
3. Click the “Send Invoice to QuickBooks” button.
4. Initially you will be asked to connect your account to QuickBooks Online. Follow the instructions to connect your account.
5. Fill out the Form and Submit Query. (Your Invoice will now appear in QuickBooks Online.
Important note: Your customer contacts must be present in QuickBooks for you to transfer the invoice across.

ARCTick compliance is made easier with TopWise. The software includes one of the only accurate real-time methods for recording refrigerant data. This means huge improvements to productivity, efficiency and ultimately, profit.

TopWise has the following ARCTick functionality:

• Refrigerant recording, for all brought, sold and recovered refrigerants.
• Refrigerant equipment listing and maintenance of records.
• Cylinder leak testing and test date recording.
• Recording of staff refrigerant handling licences.
• Easy recording, review and maintenance of all records and refrigerant reporting from all iOS and Android devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

For a small monthly investment it’s possible to save hundreds of non-billable hours of work per year. The time that is normally missed by completing common administrative tasks such as completing time sheets, filing paperwork, sending quotes and invoices and liaising with technicians on their work for the day. Instead, with TopWise you will save an estimated 360-600 non-billable administrative hours per year. In terms of money, that is a substantial saving.

1. Simply import your Supplier or Customer Contacts into the system by downloading the template provided for the applicable contact list.
2. Then copy and paste your contacts into the spreadsheet.
Important note: Each field must be populated in order to import the contact, otherwise importing will not work.

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