How do I send an invoice from TopWise to QuickBooks Online?


TopWise excels when tax time arrives. It’s possible to connect TopWise to QuickBooks and to send invoices to QuickBooks in a few easy steps. While you are logged into your TopWise account, navigate to the Settings tab.

1. Open a Job Card that is ready to be invoiced.
2. Close the job using the “Close the Job” button located under the signature boxes in the Overview tab of the Job Card.
3. Click the “Send Invoice to QuickBooks” button.
4. Initially you will be asked to connect your account to QuickBooks Online. Follow the instructions to connect your account.
5. Fill out the Form and Submit Query. (Your Invoice will now appear in QuickBooks Online.
Important note: Your customer contacts must be present in QuickBooks for you to transfer the invoice across.